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Simpler Safer Surgery™

InnerOptic's 3D Navigation Technology

Image-guided procedures are simpler and safer to perform using InnerOptic's 3D navigation technology. This technology has been integrated in to a wide range of interventional devices and imaging systems. InnerOptic licenses, customizes and integrates its patented technology for device and imaging companies.

AIM- Simple and Precise 3D Needle Targeting

AIM is a “GPS” for needle placement, providing 3D user interface for simpler, safer and more precise needle-based interventions. AIM is FDA-cleared and clinically validated for needle-based interventions using ultrasound imaging.

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Dr. John Martinie uses AIM's real-time 3D needle guidance to quickly and accurately ablate a liver tumor in a clinical trial.

Constellation™ - 3D Targeting for Multiple Needles

Dr. Martin uses Constellation to accurately place multiple AngioDynamics NanoKnife® probes in a first-in-man clinical case.

Constellation™ provides a 3D interface for accurate placement of multiple needles. For NanoKnife® procedures, Constellation makes it easier and more accurate to place the IRE probes parallel to each other and at equal depths. Pullbacks are also more precise, as Constellation provides real-time feedback on how far a probe has been pulled back.

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Spotlight™ - Image Fusion for 3D Needle Navigation

Spotlight™ software fuses pre-operative CT/MR data with live ultrasound imagery in real time, providing enhanced needle navigation for image-guided interventions. A video of Spotlight is available here.

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