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Aim™ for Vessel Sealer and
Stapler Navigation

InnerOptic’s patented Aim for Staplers and Sealers allows a surgeon to place a vessel sealer and stapler with greater ease and precision.

Key features include:

  • Realistic rendering of the stapler and vessel sealer.

  • Device trajectory, making it clear where the device is going.

  • Intersection graphic, indicating where the stapler/sealer will intersect with the ultrasound image.

  • Perspective display of the ultrasound scan and device from the surgeon's point of view, assisting hand-eye coordination.

  • Sealer inner jaws glow when energy is applied. 

  • Stapler cartridge is rendered in the same color as the attached cartridge, providing the surgeon with feedback on which cartridge is in use.

  • Support for the Medtronic Endo GIA™ stapler, the Medtronic LigaSure™ sealer, the Ethicon ECHELON FLEX™ stapler and the Ethicon ENSEAL® sealer.

Aim for Stapler and Sealer Navigation is not cleared for sale in the United States.

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