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Aim™ for 3D Needle Navigation

3D Needle Navigation for Simpler, Safer and More-Effective Procedures

InnerOptic’s patented and FDA-cleared Aim™ is a “GPS for Needle Navigation,” enabling the physician to easily, quickly, and precisely place a needle using ultrasound. Aim reduces the spatial coordination problem inherent in ultrasound-guided interventions. Aim uses electromagnetic tracking to continually monitor the 3D positions of the needle tip and of the ultrasound transducer in real-time.

Aim Benefits

  • Simpler

  • More accurate

  • Faster

  • More effective interventions

  • Better outcomes

Aim Features

  • Needle guidance

  • Tip tracking

  • Needle trajectory

  • Intersection indicator

  • 3D ablation volume

InnerOptic licenses Aim to device and imaging companies for integration into their products.



Aim for Medtronic's

Tumor Ablation System

Aim powers Medtronic's Emprint™ SX Ablation Platform. More...

©2019 Medtronic. All rights reserved. Used with permission of Medtronic.

Aim for Uterine Fibroid Ablation

Aim powers Acessa Health's ProVu® System. Aim assists gynecological surgeons to place the Acessa RF ablation handpiece into uterine fibroids. More...

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